Anonie Muse: Interview with Roxana Velazco

"Anonie Muse" are a series of short interviews with ultimate Anonie babes 💋

Name: Roxana Velazco

Occupation: Content creator/owner of 

Favorite Anonie piece: My favorite Anonie pieces are the ALPHA top and the ANONIE silk scarf. 

Why? How do you like to wear it?: Both pieces are versatile and elevate any look. I absolutely love both!

Do you have any rituals?: One of my rituals is reading. I like to wake up early before sunrise. Enjoy a cup of coffee and read for an hour every morning before starting my day.

What do you like to do that is just for yourself?: Something I enjoy doing just for myself is going on long walks/hikes with my dogs and cooking.

What are you excited about right now?: I'm currently planning a trip with my mum. We are going to Puebla and Mexico City. I'm very excited to share this experience with her and have some girl time 🥰