Anonie Muse: Interview with Madhulika

alpha turtleneck knit crop top with underwire
"Anonie Muse" are a series of short interviews with ultimate Anonie babes 💋

Name: Madhulika

Occupation: Model, writer and musician

Favorite Anonie piece: ALPHA top

Why? How do you like to wear it?: I love to wear it with denim, a layering shirt and a blazer. Perhaps a pair of boots or strappy sandals depending on weather!

What are you excited about right now?: I'm excited about the way the world is receiving brown creatives. Having said that, there is a long way to go but any bit of representation means there is room for more of us.

Do you have any rituals?: Ayurveda in daily wellness. Something passed down by my ancestors.

Secret talent: I love to beatbox!

Best advice you have ever received: Life begins where fear ends.

What do you like to do that is just for yourself?: I love my little witching practices. Sage-ing my apartment, cleaning crystals, making moonwater. They ground me.