Anonie Muse: Interview with Jordan Kanegis

"Anonie Muse" are a series of short interviews with ultimate Anonie babes ūüíč

Name: Jordan Kanegis

Occupation: Founder of Netta

Favorite Anonie piece: The new CLEO top. 

Why? How do you like to wear it?: I love how unique and malleable the neck line is. I wear her with a black leather mini skirt and kitten heels.

Favorite thing about yourself: My sense of humor.

Secret Talent: Ordering for the table.

What are you excited about right now?: Launching my new collection and summer! I need some sunshine.

Where do you want to travel to next?
: Colombia! I am going this week :)

What do you like to do that is just for yourself?
: Baths. Lots and lots of baths.